Best lineups and formations – FIFA 18

You do not have to be a virtuoso strategist to play enjoyfuly  FIFA 18 .

But if you face competitive competition with ambition, it is not enough to have your team in the field under control. On the sidelines you also have to prove yourself as a coach and choose the right lineup and formation to be one step ahead of your opponent.

Find the best formation and setup
The formation and the lineup form a co-dependency, since you have to have the right players in the squad in order to use specific formations purposefully. So you need to be aware of the strengths of your team and the effects of a formation. If you have strong wingers you should put on a triple storm. Do you want to close the back is recommended u.a. a 4-2-2-2 and when it comes to holding the ball, you should send five midfielders to the field.
With the D-pad, you can quickly change your tactics during a game without interrupting the game. Of course, you can make further settings in the menu and, for example, also move individual players within a formation according to your taste (triangle / Y-key)

Benefits of all formations
So that you know about all important formations and their effects, we will walk you through them step by step.
(4-4-2), (4-4-1-1):
A balanced tactic that works well in most situations and is especially effective when you have fast winger in your ranks.
(4-2-2-2), (4-1-2-1-2):
This formation relies on high ball possession, strengthens the play structure and promotes the fast counter play – the outward positions are however weakly occupied. Strong midfielders and fast strikers feel comfortable in this system.
With this system you stabilize your defense as well as the midfield and are on hand when it comes to setting a counter. Especially if you have a solid and ball-friendly center-forward on the field and two offensive ZMs.
If your squad has many strong midfielders, then this formation is one of your alternatives. You strengthen your midfield and improve your stats on possession.