Farm coins and invest properly – FIFA 18

From the start you should farm coins if you want to be competitive in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. It’s not uncommon for you to face a full team of Gold players in League 10. With a few simple methods, you can earn good coins and build a strong starter team. How to make coins quickly is revealed in a few efficient steps.

You need coins in the Ultimate Team for new players, packs and consumables such as contracts or fitness items. Especially at the beginning it is important to collect a lot of coins to get the first stars in your club. Against the AI you can compete for a long time with bronze or silver teams. You’ll go down early against other players if you could not farm enough coins.

So you can earn coins
Also in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 18 you have many opportunities to quickly get coins. Before we give you some tips on how to farm coins, we’d like to give you an overview of the most popular mode in the game.
If you want to farm coins, you can play offline or online games, complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), complete daily or weekly tasks, or sell players and consumables to the transfer market. There is also the EA FSC catalog, where you can unlock coin boosts. These will give you 200, 500 or 1,000 coins extra per completed match. Especially for the start this is a lot!
There are also tournaments or seasons that reward you for winning or a successful ascent with packs and coins. The players and objects from the packs are converted into coins on the transfer market or by quick sale.