FIFA 18: Fraud shakes eSport scene

The two eSports players Lukas “Sakul” Vonderheide and Matthias “STYLO” Hietsch have to accept allegations of fraud in a FIFA 18 gaming tournaments . Accordingly, the two professionals had agreed in advance of a meeting to bring both so in the qualification. But the plan did not really work out.
To qualify for the FUT Champions Cup in FIFA 18, players must play online games against users from around the world. In order to compete in the tournament, a place must be taken among the 64 best FIFA players. While Sakul had already achieved that, STYLO still had its problems. After 35 games he had a score of 33: 2. Basically, this means that he can afford no further defeat, otherwise it is definitely over for him. The next match in FIFA 18 was then scheduled against his colleague Sakul.

In advance, it should have been a phone call between the two German FIFA 18 players, which was also about the balance sheet of STYLO. Sakul would have hung up after hearing this. Right after the kick Sakul took the ball and scored his one goal . After that he left the match. The whole thing was streamed on his twitch channel. The clip is now deleted. Many now accuse the two of them of distortion of competition and fraud, as they have previously agreed.