Ratings Refresh: Player improvements in FUT – FIFA 18

In the snow, less beautiful football is played, but the Ultimate Team of FIFA 18 will be updated with the winter upgrades at that time. The so-called “Ratings Refresh” provides new player values and fresh wind in the transfer market. We would like to present you all the new ratings here and provide you with the most important information about the winter upgrades.

Update from February 26, 2018: Finally they are here! Below we list the new ratings of the players from the top leagues

You should know about winter upgrades
The many squad updates in FIFA unfortunately include no player cards from the Ultimate Team. The ratings of the footballers remain the same for a long time, even if the performance of the players in real life have improved or worsened immensely. This is where the winter upgrades come in, adapting the values of selected kickers. Also the winter transfers are considered here.

Meanwhile, this process is also called “ratings refresh”, because values can not only be increased, but also reduced. Affected are bronze, silver, and gold cards. In February, the winter upgrades will go online and the first players will receive their update. Week after week more and more ratings are adjusted.