Son Goku: Impressive banner during a football game

Seven championship titles – Seven Dragonballs: This alliance sought and put the spotlight on the fans of French top Paris Saint-Germain last weekend . In the game against Olympique Marseille, there was a pretty impressive banner by Son Goku:
The protagonist of the “Dragon Ball” series is often in the hunt for the seven Dragonballs, in order to be fulfilled by the Dragon Shenlong a wish. Around the Son-Goku banner, there are six smaller Dragonball banners, each with a championship year from the Paris in Saint-Germain.
For this season, the PSG supporters hope for the seventh championship title. Son Goku has at least helped, because the French table first has the competitor Olympique Marseille defeated 3-0. There remains only hope for the fans that the club will not soon meet the streamer who wants to defeat all Goku Son.