The Journey Solution: Decisions, Tasks and Rewards – FIFA 18

The Journey – Hunter Returns is the story mode of FIFA 18, which tells the story of Alex Hunter, who started in FIFA 17. One of the biggest innovations is the decisions that gives you the influence on the course of history . What effects the decisions have and what other tasks there are, you will learn in this article.

In our solution, we only focus on the key decisions. Within many dialogues, you get the choice between cool or hot-headed answers. This influences the dialogues and your personality, but has no effect on the storyline . The development of your personality has the following effects:

Cool: Improves your standing with the coach and increases the chance for more playing time. As a result, you’ll earn more revenue over the course of your storyline .

Hotheaded: Lower your reputation with the coach, but make sure you get more followers.

You’ll need your earnings and followers to unlock new items that will allow you to personalize Alex’s looks. In the menu “adaptation” you can always look at which outfits, hairstyles, tattoos, etc. are visible for you .