These games hate everybody – and they play (special)

Hatred of a game – and of other things and people – is usually deepest when born out of love. A small example? Then let me just drop the point “the finale of game called Mass Effect 3″. One petition chased the other, fans wrote Bioware directly, some blinded pronounced death threats

No Man’s SkyThe expectations were incredibly high. To reach those – who knows if another developer than Hello Games would not also have landed on the muzzle – was probably impossible. But for those who put all their dreams, hopes and desires into the game, the matter was clear. Love and desire changed into hate. Some felt the missing content like a personal attack. Otherwise, the outbreaks in the network can not be explained. For some, the world is just black and white.

Mass EffectShepard, the shepherd, the Messiah of the galaxy, the universe. A true figure of light and a science fiction Jesus. His end must be heroic, every decision you made should count in the end, make sense. Bioware denied you exactly this. The answer came promptly: pure hatred spilled out of the monitor. The forums were full of players who simply could not understand why the game did not turn out the way everyone wanted and was expecting . After all, they pay money for it, they are the customers. And the customer is always king, right?

FIFA 18Some complain about the fact that since 20 years every year only fine tuning takes place on the individual Fifa parts, the others see a so-called momentum. Gather clues, calculate and end up with evidence of chemtrails in hand. The main thing is that the new Fifa allegedly much and much worse in all senses than the previous one . And that’s what all players know so well, because just in time for the day of publication, the thing in the PS4 or Xbox One rotates.

This is about this kind of love-hate. You idolized a series in which suddenly a game appears that draws your hatred. Or everyone loves the game, but you just hate it all the more because of that love. There are so many reasons to hate a game. Especially when it goes below its own expectations and the damned developers do not stick to what the players tell them.